Research & Development

The engineering team at Stratom has rich experience in solving the challenging problems presented by the research and development of advanced technologies. By leveraging our expertise Stratom consistently provides timely execution on research and development efforts while focusing on the technology horizons that will develop the products of tomorrow.

Our Advanced Capabilities Include:

  • Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles
  • Sensor Integration and Payload Development
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC)
  • Localization
  • Algorithm Development
  • Autonomous Controls and Perception
  • Vision/Imaging Systems
  • Embedded Real-Time Systems
  • Control Law Design

The dedication and expertise of the Stratom development team provides a competitive advantage in the research and development of these new technologies. As part of our core mission at Stratom, we challenge the norms of traditional R&D in order to deliver advanced solutions to the most demanding problems.