Strategic Solutions

Stratom provides strategic solutions for a wide array of Counterinsurgency and first response situations. With a lifetime of experience in our country's most challenging conflicts, Stratom's trainers and strategists have extensive operational experience in the fields of Military Operations, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Engineering, combat tactics, homeland defense tactics, training and training development. Our team at Stratom is fully equipped to meet their clients training needs.

Stratom can provide expertise in:

  • Classroom or field training
  • New equipment training
  • Curriculum development for established and emerging doctrines
  • Train the trainer training
  • First response to bombs, bomb threats and VIP support
  • Counterinsurgency strategies for explosive threats
  • Security Training
  • Threat vulnerability analysis
  • Counter - IED defeat and exploitation

Established doctrine evolves as threats shift, combine or emerge. Stratom's trainers understand that while new tools, techniques and technology reach the battlefield, todays Generals and those that came before, such as Alexander the Great, faced the same problems and applied similar security strategies and solutions for decisive action. Our close association and support of both public sector responders as well as Military operators across the services ensures that Stratom's Subject Matter Experts remain current; providing operationally valid strategies, tactics and procedures while remaining true to proven core principles and values.