Selected Projects


Autonomous Aircraft Ground Refueling (AAGR):

Autonomous Aircraft Ground Refueling (AAGR) Stratom was selected by Air Force Research Laboratories to develop a robotic system for the automated refueling of grounded aircraft. One major technology area developed under this research includes an advanced vision system for identification of latch screws. The Stratom team has developed the enabling camera and robot calibration methods, image processing feature detection methods, robot localization methods, and has integrated the camera, range-finding, and other proximity sensors with robotic navigation and path planning algorithms to allow the robot to function fully autonomously to complete its mission requirements. Tasks performed by the robotic system include locating aircraft panel features, localizing the robot orientation to the random aircraft positions, and utilizing interchangeable tools to unlatch and open and close the aircraft service panel, and install and actuate standard refueling nozzles within the aircraft access panel. An additional achievement the Stratom team has demonstrated in this program has been to externally control a 6-axis robot in a fully autonomous operating mode from a stand-alone computing platform.

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Automatic Robotic ToolChanger:

The system utilizes advanced robotics manipulation technology as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for the location and identification of tools in a tool carrier that is mounted on the platform of the robot. Tools that will be developed include powered tools, simple tools and energetic tools. The system is being developed to enhance Explosive Ordinance Disruptor technologies and capabilities for use in theatre.

Automatic Robotic ToolChanger Brochure  (PDF: 7,631k)

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SF-400 Tactical Timed Firing Device (TTFD):

Stratom's SF-400 Tactical Timed Firing Device™ (SF-400™) provides military EOD, civilian bomb disposal technicians, SOF, and tactical operations / SWAT teams a small, reliable, timed firing device to initiate energetic charges and tools. The device is capable of firing multi-sized shock tubes, electrical blasting caps, or electrically primed cartridges. The SF-400™ can be ready for use in under a minute, uses standard battery power, and operates in extreme climactic conditions. Additionally, the SF-400™ provides an alternative to radio-frequency (RF) remote firing devices in situations where RF transmissions are prohibited.

The Tactical Timed Firing Device™ can be utilized to perform multiple missions including:

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • IED and UXO Disposal
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Timed Explosive Operations
  • Breaching Operations
  • Diversionary Operations

The Tactical Timed Firing Device™ has been designed to initiate either a shock tube or a standard blasting cap, after a count down time has expired. The countdown time is set by the operator. It uses automatic discrimination between shock tube and electrical blast connectors to determine which system to fire. It features a weather resistant design, however it is not water proof and will not operate in submerged conditions.

Stratom TTFD Brochure  (PDF: 673k)