Adaptive Specialty Probe (ASP)™ Toolkit

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The Adaptive Specialty Probe (ASP)™ Toolkit is a selection of highly effecient tools focused on the needs of the Warfighter and First Responder, providing a capability in negotiating hazards and defeating the dangers associated with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) by reducing “time on target” and exposure to the immediate hazard.

ASP Kit Standard kit includes:

• Sidewinder
• Cobra Rake
• Adder Hook
• Viper Piercing Knife and Cutter
• Picatinny Rail Gripper

The ASP Kit is enclosed in hardened case for easy transportation and protection. Additional tools can easily be designed and integrated for future capabilities.


ASP Toolkit on Talon

Tools are mounted on the gripper assembly of the iRobot® and Boeing® 310 SUGV, Packbot® 510, the Remotec FA6, and the QinetiQ (Foster Miller) Talon® enhancing the options of the operator and providing more capability without losing total use of the gripper assembly during critical operations.

Users can easily interchange tools via Picatinny Rails and an innovative gripper mounting method. In addition, the mounting method is used on all platforms, such as the Talon®, making the tools modular and platform independent.

Toolkit Model

Supported Platforms

ASP-41S iRobot SUGV
ASP-41DR QinetiQ Dragon Runner
ASP-42P iRobot PackBot
ASP-43SP iRobot SUGV, iRobot PackBot
ASP-45X Multiplatform including: iRobot SUGV, iRobot PackBot, QinetiQ TALON

See the tools in action:

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